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How to use the Framework

The Framework is the collection of outputs from the 1+MG-related projects and their national implementations. All content of this page are subject to the 1+MG Framework Code of Conduct

Core Framework

If you are already familiar with the projects or know the type of guidance or requirement that you are seeking, it is advised that you enter through the Core Framework section. In this section you will find:

Technical Framework


  • Governance & ELSI: Legal and ethical framework to support the European genomics data infrastructure

  • Implementation into Healthcare: guidance to promote and facilitate the adoption of genomics by healthcare systems for making personalised medicine accessible to citizens and patients across Europe.

    • B1MG Maturity Level Model: framework to enable all interested countries to self evaluate the level of maturity of national genomic medicine practices following a common matrix.
    • Health Economic Models
  • National Implementation: tools and guidance created by the Nodes to implement the 1+MG Framework including technical implementations, ELSI documents, training, etc.

Required/Recommended/Informational Labels

In order to determine the importance of each resource for development of each Node, most resources are labelled with one of the following tags:

  • Required: Some or all of this resource is required for being part of this infrastructure. In some cases (particularly with the policies) some parts of the resource will be optional (and will be labeled with the language “may”, “should”, or “must” as appropriate), however some elements are required and are thus given this overall label.
  • Recommended: While not integral to being part of the infrastructure, these are helpful resources which will help you align across Europe and beyond and have been vetted by the project teams.
  • Informational: These are resources that serve as guides and background information.

Applying the Framework

If you are new to the 1+MG Framework and you want to understand how to use or implement elements of it, it is advised that you enter through applying the Framework section. In this section you will find:

  • EHDS Data lifecycle: Outlining how the elements of the 1+MG Framework align with the European Health Data Space User Journey and Data Life Cycle
  • Use Cases: The available Framework resources specific to a use case including cancer, rare disease, common & complex disease, infectious disease, and and population genomics.
  • Your Role: Outlining how the elements of the 1+MG Framework support various roles in the infrastructure.


This section explains the concept of the 1+MG Framework, how to interact with it and the editorial guidlines.

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