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The 1+MG Framework is a series of components based on the output of the 1+MG projects that provide guidance on ELSI, data quality, data standards, and technical infrastructure standards and APIs.

Core 1+MG Framework

Technical framework

Sequencing guidelines icon

Sequencing guidelines

Sequence data generation and quality requirements for WGS/WES data to be labelled as 1+MG complaint

Data models, standards & ontologies icon

Data models, standards & ontologies

1+MG minimal data models for different use cases and recommendations on ontologies and data standards

Technical Infrastructure icon

Technical Infrastructure

Stack of standards, open source references implementations, synthetic data and proof of concepts that can be used to establish a 1+MG node.


Data governance and ELSI icon

Data governance and ELSI

Guidance and recommendations on how to address data governance and ELSI aspect to ensure data can be made available.

Genomics into healthcare icon

Genomics into healthcare

Assessment Maturity Level Model to guide healthcare systems on their journey to implement genomic medicine.

National implementation icon

National implementation

Find pointers to country specific information resources and national research data management practices.

Applying the Framework

EHDS Alignment icon

EHDS Alignment

Outlining how the elements of the 1+MG Framework align with the European Health Data Space User Journey and Data Life Cycle

Use cases icon

Use cases

Learn about data management tasks that affect your domain or research community, and the solutions adopted to address them.

Contributors icon

1+MG Framework Editorial Guidelines

The content is approved and maintained by working group leads or their deputies. Requests for changes or additions to the core content are open to all members of the consortium. National Implementations can be contributed by all member states. For more detail, please click here.