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National implementation.

The 1+MG National Mirror Groups (NMGs) are the key instrument for implementing the 1+MG EU level guidelines and recommendations presented in this framework across EU countries according to their national reality (learn more about NMGs here).

The National Implementations section of the 1+MG Framework is designed to be a place for the NMGs to share their progress, personalised resources, and national technical implementations of the different aspects of the 1+MG Framework. This should both help 1+MG NMGs to: 1) onboard national players that could contribute data, provide services or request access to data. 2) act as a resource for other countries to find exemplary solutions to their national challenges, sharing knowledge.

The NMGs Contact points will play a key role in supporting national players and interacting with other NMGs to build capacity across 1+MG countries. Prototypical questions they could need to answer could be for national players: How can I engage with the initiative? How can I find data available? What do I need to share my data? How can I run my pipeline? How do I connect with my institute? For NMGs: How are you organised? How can I get access to your service implementation? Note that a helpdesk will be delivered as part of GDI to support NMGs contact points among other users and stakeholders.

National Mirror Groups: Guiding Principles and Best Practices

Below, the resources can be found both by category and by country:

Implementations by Category

Implementations by Country

To contribute your country’s Genomic Data Infrastructure’s solutions, please email and include your country, a permanent, sharable link to your resource and the category or categories under which it fits. If you are not the National Mirror Group lead for your country, please make sure you copy them into the email for approval.

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