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Use cases: Common and complex diseases

The Common and Complex Disease Use Case are focussing on the development of a national-focussed decision support software based on Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS) results.

The expected outcomes from the 1+MG initiative for the Common and Complex Disease Use Cases are to:

  • Generate the first results in the Pharmcogenomics (PGx) field in major common diseases and also for likely drug response
  • Develop/Implement a platform for decsion making support systems for polygenic risk scores
  • Create a Proof of Concept for the entire pipeline
  • Integrate PRS into healthcare comes with multiple challenges including ELSI considerations, it’s clinical utility, public awareness and acceptance and it’s physical implementation into infrastructure and resources. Based on this WG10 created the following Policy Brief detailing it’s expectations of each of its signatory countries and its needs from Policy in order to responsibly implement this field of genomics.

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