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Use cases: Infectious diseases

The Infectious Disease Use Case aims to strengthen European preparedness against future pandemics.

The expected outcomes from the 1+MG inititaive for the Infectious Disease Use Case are to

  • Connect infectious disease experts and national/regional sequencing centres
  • Test pan-European data sharing framework (with Covid-19 as the test case)

The PoC for Infectious Disease is a work in progress, however, it is anticipated that the established infrastructure will largely support the Use Case from the host data perspective, however, further work will be needed in order to link these host data with their respective pathogen data. The WG have defined a minimum core dataset and are working towards generation of a synthetic dataset with 10’s of thousands of samples and have two potential use cases ready for development that could test the existing infrastructure further.

By-COVID Infectious Diseases Toolkit

Find tools and guidelines to help you access, analyse and share infectious disease data, and respond quickly to disease outbreaks.

Future GDI Outputs

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