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Your role: Healthcare

Both 1+MG and B1MG projects will contribute to the advancement of precision medicine by creating a secure and accessible infrastructure for storing and sharing genomic data.

This infrastructure will enable researchers and healthcare providers to gain access to a wealth of genomic data that can be used to improve our understanding of disease, collaborate more effectively, share insights and best practices, and develop new treatments and therapies based on genomic data.

By creating a common infrastructure for genomic research, these projects will accelerate the translation of genomic research into clinical practice and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Maturity Level Model

  • The 1+MG initiative is promoting the development of national genomic medicine strategies across Europe. However, it is clear that European countries are currently at varying stages of implementation of genomics in healthcare systems. To progress further, it is fundamental that decision makers and healthcare professionals understand the strengths and challenges of genomic medicine practices in their healthcare systems, in order to make informed decisions for optimisation.

    The Beyond 1 Million Genomes (B1MG) Maturity Level Model (MLM) framework was developed as a tool to enable healthcare systems across Europe to self-assess the level of maturity of their genomic medicine practices according to a common matrix, and define a path to optimization.As such, it aims to promote and facilitate the adoption of genomics in healthcare systems, and make personalised medicine accessible to citizens and patients across Europe.